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Marine Angelfish


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Dwarf and Pygmy Angelfish

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Of all the colorful fish within the a coral reef some of the most striking are the angelfishes. These species of fishes can be broken down into three generalized groups, the larger angels and thier juveniles, and the dwarf, pygmy ( centropyge species ) angels.

These larger angels can attain sizes of over 12 inches. As they pass from the juvenile stage into adults they their colors and patterns can change as well. Take for example the Imperator Angels whose juvenile pattern is white circles on a blue body. As they become an adult this pattern changes to blue and yellow wavy horizontal lines.

It is thought that these color and patterns may signify domanance within a group or harem. It is also felt that the various colors and patterns give the fish a greater camouflage capability, especially taking into consideration how colors changes as the depth of water ( or lack of light ) increases.

The following links should give you some greater insight into the specifics of these fish.

Graceful Angels

Angelfish Identification

and if Dwarf or Pygmy Angels are of interest...


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